Everything You'll Need To Know Before Stepping Into The Gym That Will Change Your Life!!


 -Shoesare not permitted beyond the front vestibule.

-Shoes are not permitted on the mats.

-Lockers are available for a fee. $10 per month or $3 daily rental.

-Cubbies are provied for everyone (bag, jacket, etc).

-You must wear gloves in the gym. MMA style. If you do not have gloves, there is a basket of gloves for you to use or you can buy gloves at the front desk.

-YOU MUST BE ON YOUR FISTS anytime your hands touch the floor.

-Bring a water bottle. Water is the only thing allowed on the mats. Energy drinks, gatorade, etc. are not allowed on the mats.

-There is a water fountain in the gym.

-Restrooms are available. Do not use the restrooms for changing clothes. There are Dressing Rooms available.

-Bring a towel to wipe up your sweat. Towels are available for $5.

-During class take the towel around the room with you and wipe up your sweat.

-If there are any exercises you are unable to do, replace that with a "Sugar Cookie". If you're not sure what that is, you'll learn in class (similar to a "Burpee" but you don't stand up).

-Never run past the second row of bags. If there are people at the front steppers, you don't want to run up on them and get injured or injure anyone else.

-Stay centered behind your bag at all times. Do not go into the lane as others are doing "run touch".

-Listen to the trainers as you start to go around the room.

-Follow the group in front of you and pay attention to what they do. If you're not sure, ask them what they did or ask the trainer.

-Not sure how to do an exercise properly...YouTube ER419 and check out our "how-to" videos.

-After class grab a spray bottle from back of the room. Spray and wipe down your bag and mat.

-After class help the trainer place weights, medicine balls, etc. back where they belong.

-Kids are allowedin the lobby area only.

-Do not allow your kids onto the mats before, during, or after class.

-Front door is locked once class begins.Winter

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